Facebook Ads

Project Description

Are Facebook ads right for your company?

We don’t even need to know what type of business you run before telling you that…. yes they are. Facebook currently sells the cheapest attention available for your business. Our job is to first get that attention to your business as cheap as possible and then to convert that attention into real customers.

Facebook’s ad platform is the most powerful advertising tool available for your business… period. We put that tool to use for you by:

  • Building effective audiences, using information on your current and past customers, your website traffic and your social engagement.
  • Creating carefully tested, effective creative. We use the most up to date copy strategies and help you create and use the most effective images and videos for your ads.
  • Testing and optimizing everything. The only way to succeed with Facebook ads is to always be testing. We test and optimize every element of your campaigns to ensure you are getting the absolute best value for every dollar you spend.

We have helped realtors and other service based businesses with hundreds of successful lead generation campaigns.

We have helped e-commerce stores with hundreds of successful sales campaigns that have returned hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

So the only question left is…. what are you waiting for? Set up a free strategy session below that will take only 10-30 minutes of your time. We guarantee you will leave that discussion with strategies you can use to improve your bottom line, whether we decide to work together or not.

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