Why use Facebook live for your open house?

Why use Facebook live for your open houses? By Facebook’s numbers, their average user watches a live video 3X longer when it is live compared to recorded. If you want your Facebook followers to engage with the video they are likely to comment 10 times as much during a Facebook Live video than any type.

Facebook live allows you to connect with your entire online community and then boost it afterward to a strategically targeted audience. It is the best way to show your properties to the maximum possible number of prospective buyers and investors. Below are some great tips for setting up your Facebook live open house. I will co-ordinate with you to make sure the video is properly boosted and shared while it is live. I will then target and boost it again after the live session has ended.

Tips for setting up your Facebook live open house: 1. Always avoid backlighting that interferes with your visuals. 2. Be cautious of background noise. Be sure to use a calibrated microphone to ensure good quality audio. 3. Decide if you will be shooting your video standing still, or walking around and plan accordingly. 4. If you choose to stand still, a tripod will keep you from over exerting your arm. 5. Engage with your audience by asking questions and responding to comments (we can handle this job for you). 6. Broadcast for at least 5 minutes. 7. Inform your watchers when you are planning to shut down the video.

Calculated Marketing Service is helping clients use Facebook live to reach their customers. Contact us today to find out how you can do the same.