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Using Social Media to Generate Leads

Owing to digital advancements, social media has grown to become a strong force in the world of lead generation. Knowing that, most social media platforms have developed powerful algorithms that make marketing easy and effective. Businesses can leverage social media in a number of significant ways to get in touch with their target market and generate strong leads.

Using Facebook audience targeting

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms with over 2 billion users. With that many users, it provides a wealthy source for an ideal target market. Even better, Facebook has developed algorithms that make it easier for a business to develop highly targeted marketing campaigns. These take into account user demographics such as age, location, gender, and others. They also allow the business to target their campaign based on user behavior. By targeting your audience, you not only increase the chances of generating credible leads but also get useful statistics to develop a stronger brand and market. Building the right landing page

Your landing page is, in many ways, the face of the business. For this reason, it is essential that your page is simple, clear, and precise. The landing page should pay an extremely neat attention to detail, allowing the prospects to understand the goals of your business at first glance. Your page should avoid creating complex issues for users such as complicated web forms, illegible fonts, and overlapping texts. Using brand elements and symbols to show authenticity and trust, is yet another way you can leverage the power of an ideal landing page. Generally, it should showcase the businesses’ best qualities in an easily accessible and navigable way.

Lead magnets

Lead magnets are those things that you use to draw the audience to your page. Social media is one of the best places to develop and utilize lead magnets. They should be fun, captivating, draw the audience’s attention but also challenge the audience to invest in your business. With social media, the content you share should not only be about the business. Instead, you can share content that is beneficial to the audience and draws them to your page and site. Such include offers and promotions, videos, images, contests, ebooks, business tips and more.


Social media is a powerful marketing tool if used well. The best thing is that you can use a trial and error process, coupled with specific metrics to hone the quality of your marketing campaign. Employing multiple strategies simultaneously guarantees greater chances of success.