Getting Links to Your Site

Companies today are finally starting to get it. To succeed in today's market place you need to adopt an online mentality. A strong SEO strategy as well as a complete social media strategy are essential components of every companies marketing plan. You need to post content to generate keyword quality for your site, and you need to do it consistently in order to stay relevant to search engines.

The key is to plan ahead in order to spend as little time on this as possible while still generating quality content. Map out subjects you want to talk about and decide what content you are going to have to write in house. After this you can search online for articles and blogs that fit your content plan. If you do this for both your SEO and social media strategies it will help you post what you want in time to stay relevant.

That brings us to the real problem with most companies content strategies today. They are pumping out content just to pump out content and are not taking the time to check its quality. Consistency is important, but quality is more important to search engines. Don't clutter your pages with poorly written or irrelevant content, in the long run it is only going to hurt your rankings.