Target Your Site The Smart Way

Who are you targeting with your website? If you're like most companies in today's market place, you probably built your site without a solid plan. Even if you considered keywords at all, you probably used the same ones your competition is fighting over. They take one look at search volume and jump right into the ring without a second thought. I'm going to tell you a smarter way. If your savvy about your online plan you can sneak right past the fight, and achieve the same results while wasting less resources.

Using the proper keyword research you can find words less customers are searching for. This may seem counter intuitive at first, but think of it this way. If you and ten other companies are fighting over a keyword with a search volume of 100,000, all things being equal you can only hope to receive 10,000 of those search queries. In reality all things will never be equal, and with your competitions head start, you're likely to receive a far smaller piece of that pie. Now imagine you just finished a great blog from calculated services on search engine optimization, and proceed to do some research. You manage to find some keywords related to your business with a search volume of only 25,000 but low competition. Now you can spend far less money to obtain most of those 25,000 searches.

Doing this allows you to avoid the fight all together. You save time and money you can invest in other areas of your company. Be smart about your online marketing, do the research, always have a plan and your company will thrive.