Getting Your Business Online

How do I get my business online?

Where do I even start with my online marketing?

We hear these questions a lot, and that’s why we’ve started a new series of blogs and videos called Calculated 101 which are designed to give you actual results and actions to take in order to achieve those results. We’re going to start with the absolute basics and teach you exactly how to get your website indexed onto Google and showing up on Google Maps.

Getting Your Site Indexed For The First Time

So you’ve got your website done and it looks great… but now what? The very first thing everyone with a website needs to do is put it into the queue to be indexed by Google. The sooner Google has indexed your site, the sooner you can start working on your SEO which will be covered in a future blog and video.

To get your site indexed simply go to this URL: and submit your website. It’s that simple, you are now in queue to be indexed by the biggest search engine available, good job!

Go To Google My Business Page

Now it’s time to get on Google Maps and to do this you need to first create a Google my business account. You can reach this site by typing Once on the page, simply enter your business name and address, then check Google Maps to see if your company name already exists on the site. If it is already there you simply claim that business as yours and if not it will create a new one for you.

Registering your company on Google will offer you an opportunity to give your clients the correct information concerning your business including phone numbers, location and services and allows you to control your digital brand.

Business Confirmation/Verification

After entering all the essential information of your business and creating your account, click on the continue button. It confirms you accept Google’s terms and conditions. Google will receive a message that you are the legal owner or employee of the company.

To verify if you are the actual owner of the company, you will receive a verification code from Google. Google can either call you or mail the six-digit code to your company address. The quickest option is to choose the phone call to confirm your business on Google Maps.

Verification through the mail will take approximately one or two weeks for your business information to be published on Google Maps.


With the above steps you have successfully put your new website on the largest search engine on the web, and laid the perfect foundation for your future digital marketing efforts. Look out for our next blog April 25th with the next steps you need to take!