Marketing Services

Most companies think they can’t afford to market their company. Most companies also fail. In fact approximately 50% of companies fail to last longer than three years in Canada. Companies that don't grow fail, and Calculated Marketing Services is here to help your company grow.

Marketing is one of the fundamentals of any successful company.  Many times it is overlooked or doesn't receive priority over other facets of day-to-day business, and this can be a costly mistake. Marketing doesn't have to be difficult or cost a lot of money, it's all about preparation and having a clear strategy with which to move your company forward.

At Calculated Marketing Services we work with you to help your company grow and succeed. We drive traffic to your business through the use of direct marketing, the most up to date search engine optimization techniques and social media strategy.

We offer affordable, quantifiable marketing solutions for today's world. No matter what size your company is we can find a solution for your budget, and we will manage your marketing and social media strategy for you so you can focus on what you know best, your company.

Services We Offer Include:

  •  Social Media Strategy (Development & Management)
      - Facebook
      - Twitter
      - LinkedIn
      - Pinterest
      - Blogging and Niche Sites
  • Search Engine Optimization
      - Competitive Site Research
      - Keyword Research
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Complete Web-site Up Dates and Fixes
  • Website Design
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns

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