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Benefits of using Google Ads

  • Intent advertising. The most powerful part of advertising on Google is the intent of the user. Positioned correctly you will be exactly what they are looking for in that moment. Leveraging that properly can lead to great results.
  • Outranking your competitors. Not ranking where you want to organically? Ads done properly will put you at the top of page one no matter where you are organically. .
  • Re-targeting, using proper tracking you can follow your site visitors on their journey surfing the web. These are consistently the best performing campaigns .

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How Google Ads Can Help Your Business Today:

Are you tired of wasting money on Adwords campaigns? … We can help you get results.

We have run Adword campaigns for over 150 clients and in that time have consistently achieved click through rates and conversions above industry norms.

We test multiple exact match keywords and ad designs until we find what works best with the lowest drop rate.

We create separate ad groups for all closely related keywords in order to increase each keywords quality score.

We determine ad placement by the following equation: Bid price X Quality Score = Position, therefore to increase our return I will monitor and adjust the ads on a consistent basis to increase our quality scores. Quality score is 90% determined by the keywords click through rate and by monitoring and adjusting the ads we can improve this.

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