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Social Lead Gen Posts

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the fundamentals of any successful company. Many times it is overlooked or doesnt receive priority over other facets of day-to-day business, and this can be a costly mistake. Marketing doesn't have to be difficult or cost a lot of money, it's all about preparation and having a clear strategy that will move your company forward.

At Calculated Marketing Services we work with you to help your company achieve its goals using all the latest strategies and tools. We create a free digital marketing plan for every client so you know exactly what we will be doing.

We offer affordable, quantifiable marketing solutions for today's world. No matter what size your company is we can find a solution for your budget, and we will manage your marketing and social media strategy for you so you can focus on what you know best, your company.

Services we Offer Include:

Social Media Strategy (Development & Management)

  • Social Lead Gen Posts:
  • Social lead gen posts generate leads from your everyday social media posts. Stop driving traffic to other peoples articles and websites and start using that content to capture leads for your business!

    Get Social Lead Gen Posts For Your Company

  • Social Management and Content Development:

    Updating and maintaining your pages with strategic content on a consistent basis.
    The key here is to maintain consistent and timely updates in order to grow your following base.

  • Social Ads:

    We help our clients by using the most up to date social advertising techniques and tools to reach their prospects. Use state of the art targeting to reach the exact market you're looking for, and the newest social ad types to show off your brand.
    Use Facebook canvas ads to tell your brands story using visual mediums like videos and tilt to view pictures in any combination.
    Start Using Social Ads For Your Company

    Grow your followers by using strategically targeted ads and strategies such as targeted follow for follow campaigns.
    Use our customized landing pages and Facebook lead gen ads to create and execute lead generating campaigns to get qualified leads for your business.